Nwave: The Thinnest Smart Parking Solution, with S2-LP and STM32F7

Nwave, a company with offices in England and the United States, made the world’s thinnest surface-mount parking sensor at only 20 mm (0.75 in), and it relies on our S2-LP transceiver. The product has a battery life that lasts up to 10 years, it can detect a vehicle in 12 seconds, and its chassis has an IP-68 waterproof certification as well as a load resistance of 3 tons (6,000 lbs) per wheel, ensuring that it will thrive even in the harshest of environments. The company also offers a backend that takes advantage of the cloud while the system already works with popular way-finding and parking payment apps, such as Parkopedia, AppyParking, or Japa, to name a few. Hence, customers don’t have to develop every single aspect of their ecosystem but can benefit from a comprehensive solution that will be operational faster.

Link- https://blog.st.com/nwave-smart-parking-sensor-s2-lp-stm32f7/

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