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    The new Inelta ILAT miniature LVDT sensors

    June 22, 2017 – Woodstock, GA

    IlatThe new Inelta ILAT Series Miniature LVDT Sensors provide precision measurements of position and path in the range of single-digit millimeters.  The sensors of this series are available in Models ILAT 2, ILAT4 and ILAT10 for the exact measurements of ±1 mm, ±2 mm or ±5 mm traveling distances. Owing to their tiny dimensions with a housing length of 79 mm and a diameter of only 8 mm at a weight of 30 g (including cable), the sensors will navigate even within very tight-fitting conditions.

    Because of the inductive LVDT principle (Linear Variable Differential Transformer), in which a coil within the sensor with a primary winding and two secondary windings transforms the linear motions of the measuring sensor contact-free into a single electronic signal, the ILAT Sensors operate free from wear and provide a linearity tolerance of <0.25%. They are also available with an even smaller linearity tolerance of <0.1%.

    Even with their tiny dimensions, the ILAT Sensors are distinguished by their robust design with a stainless-steel housing in protection class IP65 – optionally also in IP67.  Nominal temperature rating is 0° – 70°C.   The carefully designed linear guiding operates by virtue of a locking mechanism of the probe and can provide more than 10 million cycles.  These versatile sensors are suitable for many applications, including medical technology, engineering, agriculture and navigation up to testing facilities or manufacture of special purpose machinery.

    Fitting the ILAT Path Sensors are the Inelta external sensor amplifiers IMA2-LVDT, available for signals in the ranges of 0..5V, 0..10V, ±5V, ±10V, 0/4..20mA and ISM-LVDT for 0…10V- or 0..20mA signals.  Our print module IVM-LVDT with a readout of 0..10V signals, is also available, suitable for integration into your electronics.

    Additionally, Inelta can provide custom sensor designs with further optional features such as custom-made calibration, cable lengths and expanded temperature ranges. For more information, please visit http://www.hoffmann-krippner.com/sensors-displacement.html or call us at 770-487-1950.

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    Automotive surface mount load dump TVS from Littelfuse helping to overcome transient surges in vehicles now in stock at TTI, Inc.

    June 2017 – Now available in Europe through TTI, Inc., a world leading specialist distributor of electronic components, are SLD8S Series Automotive SMT Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) Diodes from Littelfuse offering a choice of 7000W (10/1000μs) or 2200W (load dump) peak pulse power dissipation ratings in a surface mount SMTO-263 package. The high peak pulse power dissipation ratings enable power systems to pass the ISO test standards that are widely used in the automotive industry as the basis for transient specifications. SLD8S Series components meet ISO7637-2 5a/5b protection and ISO16750 load dump test specifications. Their surface mount package is ideal for automatic pick-and-place assembly and reflow processes.

    SLD8S Series TVS diodes help reduce manufacturing costs and allow for higher soldering quality than axial leads packages. A wide standoff voltage range from 12V up to 57V fulfills all design requirements for automotive applications. The excellent quality and high reliability make the devices ideal for load dump protection and ESD protection in automotive electronics like ECUs, TCUs, BCMs, BMSs, sensors, and entertainment systems, as well as in other long pulse applications. The TVS diodes are also halogen-free and AEC-Q101 qualified.


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    Matrix to Showcase its Enterprise Grade, Well-engineered People Mobility Solutions at INDO SECURITY 2017

    Matrix, a leading manufacturer and provider of Telecom and Security solutions, is participating in INDO SECURITY, Jakarta, Indonesia from July 12 to July 14, 2017. Matrix will be showcasing its Time-Attendance and Access Control solutions at the event.

    Matrix will be displaying its cutting edge multispectral fingerprint based door controller - COSEC DOOR FMX. This advanced multispectral technology reads surface and subsurface of a fingerprint. It gives very clear and strong image even if the surface layer is not available due to dirty, dry or oily finger, poor ridge image or other environmental problems.This unique identification process outperforms all other fingerprint sensors and offers robust and reliable biometric information of a user.

    Matrix will showcase its newly launched 8 Port Input-Output Controller that can control an elevator up to 32 floors. Solutions like QR Code based Access Control, Bluetooth based Access Control and Auto Attendance Marking using GPS/Wi-Fi would be showcased as a breakthrough under ‘Mobile as a Credential’ technology.

    “During this exhibition, we will demonstrate our enterprise grade Access Control, Time-Attendance, and Visitor Management solutions with real-time features”, said SagarGosalia, Senior Vice President Marketing and Sales, Matrix.

    Matrix looks forward to meeting customers and prospective system integrators at INDO SECURITY 2017, Stall number:CP 37, Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia from 12-14 July 2017 to discuss their requirements and offer better solutions.


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    Glassman announces new, highest power unit GX Series 25kW to 200kW DC Power Supplies

    480VAC 3 phase/380VAC/415VAC input; front panel digital control or analogue remote interface; CE Compliant

    6 June 2017, Hampshire, UK….Glassman Europetoday announces anewrange of programmable, DC regulated power supplies, the GX Series, its most powerful to date.  The GX Series is a highly-specified family of 25kW to 200kW fast response, airinsulated power supplies, boasting tight regulation combined with low ripple and noise.  This comprehensive range has nineteen models in all, from 0 to 1kV through to 0 to 100kV, and individual units can be set up in a master/slave configuration to produce a maximum output capability of 200kW.

    Glassman-GX-Series-25KW-Regulated-High-Voltage-DC-Power-Supplies-PR-picInput for the rack-mountable GX Series is 480 VAC 3-phase as standard, with 380VAC and 415VAC input available as an option. The units feature a microcontroller based front panel control and communication interface and there are also integral RS232/USB serial ports as standard, plus an optional Ethernet interface, which enables high-resolution voltage and current programming either on site via the front panel digital encoders or via the analogue remote interface. A time-saving Last Setting Memory feature stores power supply parameters at each AC turn off sequence, saving time. The constant voltage/constant current operation feature utilises automatic crossover between the two to protect against overloads, arcs and short circuits. Adjustment between constant current and current trip is easily selected via a rear panel switch. Output features continuous, stable adjustment from zero to rated voltage or current by panel mounted optical rotary encode or by external 0 to +10V signals.  Efficiency is typically greater than 80% at full load and ripple typically less than 0.1% RMS of rated voltage at full load.To prevent arcing, GX Series power supplies feature both arc quenching and an automatic arc count.  The HV output is inhibited after each load arcand internal circuitry continually senses and integrates arcs which occur over a given time period, so that should system or load arcing exceed factory-set parameters, the unit automatically cycles off,clears the faultand re-starts after a set time period.

    In line with Glassman’s outstanding reputation for reliability, the GX Series features the company’s proprietary forced air cooling system, with redundant thermal overload protection incorporating temperature sensing and a fan speed monitor. Being air-insulated, rather than encapsulated or oil insulated, the GX Series is lighter in weight and easier to service than competitive power supplies.  The GX Series models are available now, supplied with a three-year warranty for standard versions; with OEM and modified models warranted for one year.

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    High Current Flat Wire Power Inductor with Higher Saturation Current

    Waldenburg (Germany), 22 June 2017 – Würth Elektronik eiSos presents WE-HCF in a 2815 package, a flat wire power inductor with very high current loading capacity and efficiency. The latest member of the WE-HCF series is loadable up to 36 A and attains saturation currents up to 125 A. With its large wire cross-section, the inductor offers a 13 percent lower resistance than comparable products on the market and attains an up to 82 percent higher saturation current.

    WE-HCF in the 2815 package fills the gap between the previously available 2013 and 2818 packages and represents a further improvement of the SMT-mountable inductors – with up to 50 percent higher nominal currents than the 2013 series. The flat wire coil has a resistance of just 1.31 mΩ and with its manganese-zinc-ferrite core, the magnetically shielded power choke shows very low core losses. The component specified up to 125°C is suitable as a highly efficient DC/DC converter for individual and multiphase converters or for filtering audio applications. WE-HCF is also especially suitable for high current step-up converters.

    WE-HCF is available in any quantities from stock. Free samples are available.

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    Digilent’s Digital Discovery, Now at Mouser, Offers Pocket-Sized Logic Analyzer and Pattern Generator

    June 21, 2017 – Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized global distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, is now stocking the Digital Discovery™ module from Digilent. This pocket-sized, high-performance device combines a logic analyzer and built-in pattern generator in a single instrument. The Digital Discovery provides designers a suite of advanced features to debug, visualize and simulate digital signals for a broad array of embedded projects. The small form factor of this module facilitates easy storage, and its robust exterior design helps it to withstand a variety of environments.

    The Digilent Digital Discovery, available from Mouser Electronics, evaluates the Xilinx XC6SLX25-2 FPGA. In addition to the 16-channel pattern generator and 32-channel digital logic analyzer, the module includes a protocol analyzer for reading and writing SPI, UART and I2C and virtual I/O for debugging projects. The module offers the flexibility to customize design specifications to a specific project, enabling designers to choose 200MS/s with up to 32 inputs or — using the Digilent Digital Discover High Speed Adapter — 400MS/s with up to 16 inputs, or 800MS/s with up to 8 inputs.

    Designers can connect digital inputs and outputs to the module using simple wire probes or breadboard wires, and the unit provides output LVCMOS voltage levels from 1.2 V to 3.3 V. For more advanced projects, designers can also run inputs and outputs incorporating the High Speed Adapter with impedance-matched probes.

    Designed to optimize channels, speed and portability, the Digital Discovery is ideal for engineers and designers beginning to work in embedded development. Designers can connect the module to a Mac, Linux or Windows platform using high-speed USB, and comes with free Waveforms 2015 application software.

    With its broad product line and unsurpassed customer service, Mouser strives to Empower Innovation among design engineers and buyers by delivering What’s Next in advanced technologies. Mouser stocks the world’s widest selection of the latest semiconductors and electronic components for the newest design projects. Mouser Electronics’ website is continually updated and offers advanced search methods to help customers quickly locate inventory. Mouser.com also houses data sheets, supplier-specific reference designs, application notes, technical design information, and engineering tools.

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    Infineon extends industry-leading smart power switches with PROFET™+2 and High Current PROFET™

    Munich, Germany – 22 June 2017 – Car makers want in-vehicle electronic systems to provide a large number of energy-efficient functions in as little space as possible. Infineon Technologies AG supports this trend with its new power IC manufacturing technology SMART7. Infineon designed it specifically for automotive applications such as Body Control Modules or Power Distribution Centers. SMART7 power ICs drive, diagnose and protect loads in applications like heating, power distribution, air-conditioning, exterior and interior lighting, seat and mirror adjustment. They also provide a cost-effective and robust replacement of electromechanical relays and fuses. SMART7 is based on thin-wafer technology that reduces power losses and chip sizes.

    Based on SMART7, Infineon now introduces the two high-side power switch families PROFET™+2 and High Current PROFET™. The SPOC™+2 multichannel SPI high-side power controllers will follow within a year.

    “In this decade, we have delivered one billion PROFET+ switches, the predecessor family to PROFET+2,” said Andreas Doll, Vice President and General Manager, Body Power Automotive at Infineon. “The SMART7 power ICs enable body and convenience applications with further enhanced protection schemes, lower power dissipation in smaller packages at less overall system cost for our customers.”

    PROFET+2 for double-digit reduction in power dissipation and PCB space

    The PROFET+2 family was developed for automotive 12 V lighting load applications and capacitive loads. These comprise e. g. halogen bulbs in external lighting control, interior lighting and dimming, as well as LED lighting. PROFET+2 devices provide state-of-the-art diagnostics and protection features. They maintain pin-out compatibility with their predecessor family PROFET+ for zero-cost migration. There is no ECU layout change needed, if single-channel devices are replaced by dual-channel variants and vice versa. Compared to their predecessor family, the PROFET+2 devices are up to 40 percent smaller in package size and improve energy efficiency with 50 percent lower current consumption. The lowest ohmic PROFET+2 device is the 8 mΩ dual-channel switch BTS7008-2EPA with protection functions and diagnosis.

    High Current PROFETs for load currents up to 20 A DC in benchmark footprint

    The new High Current PROFETs extend the flexible family approach of PROFET+2 to on-state resistances R DS(ON) from 8 mΩ down to 2 mΩ in the same TSDSO-14 package. A High Current PROFET in a TSDSO-14 package with pin pitch of only 0.65 mm offers today’s world-lowest R DS(ON) as a monolithic switch. Compared to established smart power switches in the DPAK package, the footprint of the TSDSO-14 is 50 percent smaller. Compared to D²PAK, it is 80 percent smaller. The family enables very efficient driving of high current loads. Also, it reduces power losses in control modules up to 60 percent. With its optimized feature set for 12 V high current loads, including diagnosis and protection, the family addresses a wide range of heating and power distribution applications. These comprise glow plug controller, PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heater, starter relay, horn, trailer node, and auxiliary power outlet.

    Both families, PROFET+2 and High Current PROFET, are pin-compatible and share the main feature set. Their on-state resistance R DS(ON) scales from 2 mΩ to 200 mΩ. Their load current sense accuracy (k ILIS) below 5 percent at a nominal current is benchmark in the market. Their protection features comprise current tripping, over temperature, overvoltage, load dump and reverse battery capability ReverSave™. Infineon is first in the market to implement reverse battery capability in a monolithic chip. A further benchmark feature is a cranking voltage capability able to work down to 3.1 V.


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    Deadline Nearing to Enter Create the Future Design Contest

    Mouser Joins with Intel®, Analog Devices to Encourage Technological Innovation

    June 21, 2017 – Time is running out to enter the Create the Future Design Contest, an exciting challenge — sponsored by Mouser Electronics — to engineers and students worldwide to create the next great thing. Mouser, the industry’s new product introduction leader, is once again partnering with valued suppliers Intel® and Analog Devices in sponsoring the 15th annual contest, produced by Tech Briefs Media Group, an SAE International Company. The deadline to enter is July 1.

    The grand prize winner receives worldwide recognition and a cash prize of $20,000 for an innovative product that benefits society and the economy. Previous contests have produced more than 12,000 design ideas from engineers, entrepreneurs, and students in more than 100 countries.

    “Fostering technical innovation has always been a major part of our mission at Mouser,” said Kevin Hess, Mouser Electronics Senior Vice President of Marketing. “We are very excited to again participate in this important event for engineers and students around the world.”

    “Mouser is known for supporting innovation among engineers as well as providing unparalleled service to its customers,” said Joseph Pramberger, President of Tech Briefs Media Group. “We are very happy to once again partner with Mouser and its suppliers, Intel and Analog Devices.”

    Last year’s grand prize winner was Hyliion, a Pittsburgh-based transportation company that developed a hybrid electric technology for semi-trailers. Hyliion's system adapted the trailer portion of the tractor-trailer combination to use regenerative braking to capture power, saving more than 30 percent on fuel and decreasing emissions by 10 percent.

    The Create the Future Design Contest brings attention to product designs that enhance quality of life, improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare, or help to reduce dependence on nonrenewable energy sources. Previous grand prize-winning entries include an economical rapid screening device to prevent food-borne illness and a wheelchair propulsion system designed to increase the user’s mobility while decreasing upper body repetitive strain injuries.

    The contest was launched in 2002 by the publishers of Tech Briefs magazine to help stimulate and reward engineering innovation. The grand prize winner will be chosen from the winners in seven entry categories: Aerospace and Defense, Automotive/Transportation, Consumer Products, Electronics/Sensors/IoT, Machinery/Automation/Robotics, Medical, and Sustainable Technologies. For more information, go to http://www.mouser.com/createthefuture.

    With its broad product line and unsurpassed customer service, Mouser strives to empower innovation among design engineers and buyers by delivering advanced technologies. Mouser stocks the world’s widest selection of the latest semiconductors and electronic components for the newest design projects. Mouser Electronics’ website is continually updated and offers advanced search methods to help customers quickly locate inventory. Mouser.com also houses data sheets, supplier-specific reference designs, application notes, technical design information, and engineering tools.

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