New NB-IoT smart water meters

Connecting as easy a mobile phone

NB-IoT-water-materWaterGroup has officially launched Australia’s first, NarrowBand Internet of Things (NB-IoT) ultrasonic, intelligent water meters – and they connect as easy as a mobile phone.

With Australia’s big telecommunications companies switching on NB-IoT now, water utility managers can, for the first time, deploy sophisticated smart water meters across their existing networks effortlessly without the need to first establish a communications system, and at low cost.

These new water meters will play a key role to help water utility managers to successfully tackle the huge water loss in Australia. Every year, our urban and regional water systems deliver about two billion cubic metres of potable water. Yet 10-12 per cent are lost through leaks and other causes such as unaccounted use of water.

These fully integrated ultrasonic, intelligent water meters are ideal for residential dwellings, apartments, difficult-to-access basements and even rural zones where Optus, Vodafone or Telstra have enabled NB-IoT already.  This makes them a convenient and cost-effective choice for water utilities, builders and strata managers.

NB-IoT communication is fully-integrated into these new next generation smart meters without any moving parts. Instead of using mechanical wheels that wear out over time, these meters use advance ultrasonic sensing technology to provide highly accurate meter readings for the entire life of the meter. High quality and a long life is a given.

Dapeng Feng, Director of HZ Metering
Dapeng Feng, Director of HZ Metering
Meet the man behind the meter

We are delighted to have Dapeng Feng, Director of HZ Metering our international manufacturer behind the NB-IoT Smart Water Meter. Dapeng will be visiting Sydney & Melbourne 07-17 November.

Interested in meeting Dapeng? Contact Aimi to lock in a time. You can also meet Dapeng at the Smart Cities forum in Melbourne 16/17 November, he will be available to talk at our stand between 10- 2pm each day.

See it first at Australian Utility Week – Melbourne

The new NB-IoT enabled ultrasonic, intelligent water meter will be on display at WaterGroup’s stand B17 at Australian Utility Week in Melbourne on the 29-30 November.

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