Matrix States Four Applications of Unified Communications in the Retail Sector

Matrix, a critically acclaimed manufacturer of Telecom and Security solutions, is known for designing product portfolios that suit the needs of different industries. Matrix SARVAM UCS – the Unified Communication Server for Modern Enterprises offers a broad array of features that improve communication infrastructure in different domains.

In the current competitive scenario, earning profits is becoming a farfetched goal for the retail industry. Sustaining competition and retaining loyal customer base is one of the main concerns for retail sector. The manner in which customers execute buying cycle and direct relation with various brands is increasing pressure on the existing players.

However, by leveraging the benefits of Unified Communications, retailers can streamline the distributed communication processes and improve customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more likely to show loyalty and become positive word of mouth for the retail chain. To help retailers understand different applications of the latest technology, Matrix throws some light on ways in which Unified Communications can help retailers improve their image.

  • Multiple Users on the Same Platform: Proper coordination between scattered workforce help employees provide true and prompt information to their customers and improve customer relationship.
  • Mobility: Unified Communications improve reachability of employees working at distant locations. Proper and timely flow of information in the form of text messages, voicemail, voice and data help employees offer personalized experience to customers.
  • Consolidation of Communication Tools: Access of desk extension from handheld terminals such as laptops, desktops and smartphones enable mobile workers to be an active part of office communications while roaming in the market. A single screen offering flexibility of communicating through different modes such as Instant Messaging, Chat, Video Calling and Audio Conferencing enable employees to offer enriched experience to customers even while moving in a dynamic market.
  • Execute Marketing Campaigns: Using the Unified Communication server, retailers can send text bulk messages and emails to announce discounts or arrival of new product in the store. Execution of such campaigns enables retailers to connect with customers directly, in turn increase sales.

“Our main aim behind designing Matrix SARVAM UCS is to enable different industries to upgrade their communication infrastructure and address their woes. We are constantly functional to add more features to our portfolio and cater to the specific needs of different industries”, said SagarGosalia, Sr. VP Sales and Marketing.

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