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Mr. K Krishna Moorthy, Chairman, IESA
Mr. K Krishna Moorthy, Chairman, IESA
India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA), the premier trade body representing the Indian Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) industry, along with, The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE, Bangalore Chapter), with a mission to foster entrepreneurship globally, will be hosting the second edition of IoTNext to co-learn, discuss and debate current IoT (Internet of Things) deployment successes and challenges and as well as deliberate on the  next wave of IoT possibilities on November 9th& 10th, 2016 at Hotel Sheraton, Bengaluru. 
This year, with the theme “Realities and Road Ahead”, the Global IoT summit will include sessions and tracks on ‘Industrial IoT/Industry 4.0’, ‘Safe Nation’, ‘Smart Agriculture and Food’, ‘Road Ahead for IoT’ and ‘Innovations from India’.
In the interview with Mr. K Krishna Moorthy, Chairman, IESA adds here more detail about this event.
  1. Give us some overview of IoTNext event?
    The Internet of Things (IoT) is arguably the next growth engine for the Electronics and S/W industry and it integrates the H/W and S/W segments very well.  The modern world needs technology which connects everyone with information that enables decision making at the shortest possible time and IoT does exactly that. The different verticals which IoT can serve is the focus of attention of all R&D divisions in global majors . Last year, both IESA and TiE Bangalore, decided to blend together Technology and Human mind and brought to the platform the first edition of IoTNext. Last year saw the success of the Summit themed “Global Summit on Innovating Digital Economy with IoT Solutions & Services”. This year we look futuristic. IESA and TiE Bangalore bring to you the 2nd edition of IoTNext aptly themed “Global Summit on Realities and Road Ahead” scheduled on Nov 9 & 10, 2016 at Hotel Sheraton, Bangalore.
  2. What are the special highlights and features of this event?
    The Summit would have a two full day conference on the Realities & Road ahead for IoT and bring out the technology, challenges and solutions to build a Safe Nation along with many case studies. The Industrial landscape by adopting Industries 4.0 is changing its business model through IoT and bringing in value-added services rather than just selling. The Summit would also deeply analyze on Smart Agriculture & Food, the basic needs of a human kind by combating climatic changes with pollution, water scarcity and unpredictable environment. This is the segment where high-tech sensors, spectrophotometry, IoT and specialized software, need to be integrated into farming and food sector. The session also talks about Articifical Intelligence (AI), the future of today’s world.

IoTNext 2016 also has 3 more special features added to it.

1)      The Developer Lounge that brings together a curated set of topics and enablers and provides a forum for networking. This session is mainly for IoT developers and adopters.

2)      Start-ups have always been of interest to IESA. We create platforms that would curate and build a startup community in the hardware space. Last year, both IESA & TiE had curated 16 start-ups out of which we had some success stories as well. This year, IoTNext 2016 would showcase 50+ curated IoT start-ups from India. The vision is to build the IoT Start-up community and assist them to build products for the nation and for the world. These Start-ups would be from various verticals such as AgriTech/Food; Drones/Robotics; Healthcare; Industrial; Smart Nation/ Home Automation and many more

3) The summit will also have Technology workshops by MNCs for the students/ builders community who would like to know and learn more by reaching out to the majors in the industry.

  1. Which are the key categories participants of this event?
    IoTNext in December 2015 saw a full house with 750+ delegates, 50+ expert speakers from across the globe, 50+ innovative IoT startups, MNCs, Systems Integrators, academicians, government officials and investors. This year we look at 1000+ delegates; 50+ curated IoT Start-ups; Angel Investors & Venture Capitalists; 60+ speakers and key policy makers. From decision makers to technology experts; from start-ups to fresh engineers & budding entrepreneurs, you can see them all here – under one platform called IoTNext.
  2. How this event benefits the customers?
    IoT started as a highly disaggregated technology niche activity some years ago and we have seen a widely fragmented growth and hence limited knowledge sharing happening in different domains. In the recent years we are seeing the landscape changing and domain consolidations are happening but still many unanswered questions on which technology to use, what business models to pursue etc. IoTNext is a platform for networking with your peers and partners. A unique platform that would bring out the entrepreneurship in you and also connect you to your future Clients, Angels & VCs. Learning is always an upward curve and this IoTNext bring that to you. It showcases the new technology trends and connects you to people who think out of the box. Maybe, not have a box at all!
  3. What is the current state of IoT in India and related opportunities?
    As per the IoT policy, the Indian Government’s plan of developing 100 smart cities in the country, for which Rs. 7,060 crores has been allocated in the current budget could lead to a massive and quick expansion of IoT in the country. IoT offers avenues for telecom operators & system integrators to significantly boost their revenues and this has resulted in their taking lead in adoption of IoT applications and services being offered by the technology. Apart from direct IoT applications, the IT industry also has an opportunity to provide services, analytics and applications related to IoT. Considering that India is an agrarian country and will remain so for many decades to come and also has a huge population to sustain, SMART Agriculture and environment management is going to be big driver for IoT in these domains. Significant opportunities exist for big data analytics- both as business and career options. Similarly security becomes the next focus are for IoT Systems when they are deployed. It is not just the cyber security at the host end that is of interest in IOT but at every stage from the lowest level sensor onwards security assumes highest value proposition. A lot of R&D work is happening in this in India at the moment.
  1. How IoT is creating business & services in India and worldwide?
    Currently there are around 500 Indian start-ups in IoT catering to various domains such as Healthcare, Agriculture, Home Automation, Consumer Wearables, Robotics, Automotive, Security & Surveillance and much more. The IoT has received huge attention for over past 5 years. As per the Mckinsey report, if policy makers and businesses get it right, the IoT has a total potential economic impact of $3.9 trillion to $11.1 trillion a year by 2025. According to Machina Research, India will account for $10-12 billion of this total revenue. A number of IoT impact areas and sectors have already been identified and many will apply to India, such as transport, healthcare, buildings, home, factories, agriculture, electric grids, water supply networks, consumers. Overall, IoT is a combination of hardware, software and telecommunication, collectively bringing about improved productivity for a better Nation & World.
  2. How IoT will take digital India to next level?
    Digital Innovation is the main driver of economic growth around the world. Digital India is attempting to do something what we have not done hitherto in this country- connecting the common man to digital economy and thereby enabling them to be empowered for all the services of the government which will enhance their quality of life. This calls for the convergence of multi-disciplinary facets of IT, hardware, Big Data and Connectivity with Internet of Things (IoT), enabling a much more agile, efficient and cost effective service offering than in the past with partnerships and ecosystems.  Technology companies, startups and academia in India have played a significant role in driving digital innovation around the world. It is very essential for the Industry-Government-Academia to be in close connect with each other for IoT to take Digital India to the next level.
  3. How is IESA playing role in making IoT reality in India?
    IESA thrives to make the “Make in India” a reality be it in the field of Manufacturing, Design services, IPs, Technology etc.. This is possible by making more home grown products and build on value added services. India has the right mind and scope to build the necessary technology. With a potential economic impact of about USD 3.9 trillion global market & with India’s share of about 10-12%, IESA envisions to create platforms for making this dream a reality. A dream to stay connected with each other through connected devices & connected world. M2M (Machine-to-Machine) is not possible without (Man-to Machine), at least initially.

IESA along with TiE Bangalore has curated 16 start-ups last year and this year we plan to achieve 50+ curated start-ups. We created a platform that brought together these start-ups under one umbrella. While there was a large mortality in the IoT Companies over 25% have done very well. Cardiac Design labs was the winner of Google Launchpad awards on Startup India Standup India under PM Narendra Modi is one of our mentored companies. Similarly LogiNext has been able to get funding and is now entering USA. Many others are in the making right now. IESA believes that the success of our IoT Centric initiatives will happen only through Start up’s and homegrown enterprises. We assiduously support all endeavors towards this. IoT next is one of them.




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