How to Properly Install Motion Sensor Lights

LIghtsMotion sensor lights, found in dark sidewalks, garage, staircases, swimming pool and areas around the yard, are for security purposes. These lights automatically light up when motion is detected. The lights will stay on as long as movement occurs. They are designed to light up only at night when motion is detected. They have daylight sensors that prevent them from lighting up during the day. Installing motion sensor lights is a simple task that takes approximately 15 minutes.

The first step is to turn off power so that you can replace the old lights with new motion sensor lights. Attaching the wall box and the wire is the same as installing any lighting fixtures. Make sure you read and understand mounting directions. Motion sensor lights work by detecting heat waves from moving objects, especially cars, animals, and people. The lights will stay on depending on how you set the timer. There are motion sensor lights that have an adjustable distance range to avoid nuisance trips such as a passing car or blown leaves. This way, the field of view narrows. Below are the reasons why you should install motion sensor lights and the right places to install them.

Light bulbs will last longer

The sensors lessen the amount of time the lights go on. This way the bulbs can last for a longer amount of time. You do not have to worry about the costs of buying bulbs more frequently.


Installing motion sensor lights is an inexpensive process that you can perform by yourself. All you have to do is to purchase the light bulbs and follow manufacturer’s instructions.


Installing motion sensors is a way of ensuring safety around your home. When the lights turn on, it draws attention from far. It is hard for a person to hide from motion sensor lights as it will pinpoint the exact location. It makes it hard for the person to keep moving without being spotted.

Reduced Energy Costs

Motion sensor lights are a great way to save on electricity. These lights turn on only in areas where motion is detected. They are efficient in public places because they control energy consumption. Also, motion sensor lights are used in large buildings and schools where people tend to forget to switch off lights during the day.

No Switch

There are many times that people enter a dark room and accidentally end up hurting themselves when switching on the lights. With motion sensor lights, there is no need for a switch as the sensor does it for you. It is good for people who have switches inside the house instead of outside.


You can install motion sensor lights in the driveways, staircases, yards, and any other place that is convenient. It is practical because you don’t have to worry about lights being left on, especially when you are asleep.

Adjustable motion sensor

Their sensitivity is adjustable. It can even sense a fly when it crosses its path. It can also sense other things, including cars, people, and animals.

It is advisable to install motion sensor lights far away from the window to avoid false alarm as sunlight. The sensor cannot sense a human through the window. Indoor motion sensor lights should be installed far away from the HVAC system. Excess heat or cold can cause a false alarm. Keep your motion sensor lights clean to enable sensing of motion. There are different types of motion sensor lights in the market. If you visit various online platforms that offer these items, you will choose and purchase the design that best fits your property.

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