Fuzzy Logix Announces a Web Tool for Predicting the Outcome of Indian Elections and for Performing What-if Analysis

Many organizations conduct opinion polls and predict the outcome of elections. However, the outcome of these polls is not interactive in nature. Fuzzy Logix has launched a website (www.india-polls.com) where users can not only view the predictions for the Indian Elections based on the latest opinion polls but also perform instantaneous what-if analysis by changing the vote share for various political parties. The elections in India are being watched with curiosity in the entire world, and it is quite possible that small swings in vote shares in certain states could result in substantive changes in the outcome of the elections.

Fuzzy Logix’s predictive tool follows a methodology which has been proven to be extremely accurate when tested with historical data from past elections. The results of this methodology have been made publicly available in the blogs ‘The Voters, Polls and Opinion Polls: Number Don’t Lie’ at (http://www.fuzzyl.com/category/blog/). The tool relies on advanced Statistical methods and performs forecast on a state-by-state basis, taking into consideration the pre-poll political alliances.

Fuzzy Logix will be updating the forecast at www.india-polls.com up to the day of counting, i.e., May 16th based on data available from new opinion polls and exit polls. Partha Sen, the CEO of Fuzzy Logix said, “Interactive web based forecast and instantaneous what-if analysis are possible because of the advancement in the past few years in Big Data Analytics. This is one example where we can make Big-Data Analytics pervasive in daily life.”

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