Enhance Workforce Productivity with an Automated Time-Attendance System

TAMAre you concerned with the attendance details of your employees? Perhaps you need an accurate and productive employee time tracking system that can provide multiple benefits, which may include a combination of software and hardware, flexible attendance policies, a system generated attendance report, and the ability to send attendance data to your payroll software.

In today’s era, we can easily automate and manage employees working on-site and remotely. Employees, no matter where they are, can seamlessly punch in and out with any of the internet enabled devices such as biometric devices, laptops, mobile phones, etc.

Choosing an Automated Time-Attendance System

Having an accurate time tracking system saves your time, increases manager and employees’ satisfaction, cuts down administrative cost, reduces timesheet errors, builds employees’ morale, significantly cuts down payroll processing time and drives changes that maximize productivity. Automated solutions enable you to track movement of your workforce without risk of errors. It will, quickly start paying back your investment while adding value to your business.

Advantages of Biometric Time Clocking System

Increase in Productivity, Discipline and Morale

By using a user-friendly web based time tracking attendance software, you can add user details at a central place. Moreover, it eliminates the need of multiple spreadsheets and related chaos. HR can easily pull out relative information and get customized reports, anytime, with just a few clicks.

Flexible Time-Attendance Policies, Shifts and Leave Policies

Organization has multiple departments, designations, sections, grades, etc. Time-Attendance and Leave policies also vary in all these different divisions. An automated employee time tracking system offers flexibility to create an organization structure, matching the organization’s exact hierarchy with flexibility to rename various levels.

Accurate Identification

Eliminating the dependency of remembering passwords, PINs or smart cards that were a part of traditional systems, biometric attendance system provides high level of accuracy with the help of unique biological identification.

Time Saving

Traditional security system proves to be time consuming in terms of identification, whereas biometric time clocking system is quick. As user can be identified or rejected in matter of seconds, it ultimately boosts productivity and reduces costs by eliminating fraudulence.

SMS/Email Notification

Employees and their reporting managers must stay updated with various events such as entry/exit punch, leave application, approval/rejection, monthly attendance, missing in/out punch, etc. Instant SMS/Email notifications for attendance help employees and their supervisors in taking necessary actions on such events and resolve attendance related issues immediately.

Integration with ERP/HRM/Payroll/Tally

To ensure accurate reporting of time-attendance and minimize human errors, an automated time-attendance system can be integrated with payroll system. This integration can save lot of time, money, ensure timely salary payments, improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

Reports and Charts

Decision making is a crucial part of any business and having accurate data at the right time helps in this process. Informative charts and reports are the summary of attendance data collected by employee time tracking systems. It helps in salary calculation, employee movement monitoring, and such other interpretation and decision making.



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