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Electornics Maker 22 Jun 2018
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Burst Generator

Scientific Mes Technik Pvt Ltd has added Burst Generator from Schloder, GmbH to its product family. Burst Generator, are widely used in the field of R&D, Quality assurance, service for testing fixed standard values and investigations with variable settings (search for worst case), manual adjustable or automatic test procedure by remote computer control. The burst generator is available in 125KHz and 2000KHz frequency range, SFT 1400 or SFT 1420 resp. The generator simulates quick transient noise interference. The single pulses show a very short rise-time (5ns) and due to this a wide RF-spectrum up to 300 MHz. RF-interferences are the result. The device is featured with several special functions such as Real Burst which simulates the natural appearance of the burst phenomena or Sweep to simulate the bouncing of an electrical contact. The functions IFM and DFM (increasing and decreasing frequency) are powerful instruments to investigate resonance or saturation effects in the tested device. The working is time saving and optimized testing due to the friendly arrangement of the front panel. " For details, contact: Scientific Mes Technik Pvt.Ltd. B-14, Pologround Industrial Estate, Indore-452 015 INDIA Phone: +91-731-2422330/33 Fax: +91-731-2422334 , 2561641 Email: info@scientificindia.com
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