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Electornics Maker 23 Apr 2018
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Extra Safety Auto Select TRMS Multimeter

Kusam-Meco has introduced a new " Extra Safety Auto Select TRMS Multimeter " Model KM-DMM-41/41R An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company. This Automatic Multimeter has an Extra Safety of Auto Select during Measurements. It has a Display of 6000 counts. It has Auto Power Off, Data Hold, & Back Light functions. It can be operated in Auto and Manual Range. It has Low Battery Indication. It has an EF Mode non contact Electric Field Detector. It has a Linear Frequency Range of 6Hz to 100KHz with an Accuracy of (0.05% + 8). It has a Diode Test with Continuity Test. The Power Supply is 9V DC. For DC Voltage Measurement Test of 600mV the Accuracy is 0.5%. For 6V/60V/600V the Accuracy is 0.8%. For 1000V the Accuracy is 1.0%. For AC Voltage measurement of 600mV/6V/60V/600V the Accuracy is 1.2% & for 1000V the Accuracy 1.5%. For DC Current measurement of 600uA /6000uA the Accuracy is 1.0% & for 60mA/600mA the Accuracy is 1.5%, for 10A the Accuracy is 1.8%. For AC Current of 600uA/6000uA the Accuracy is 1.5%, for 60mA/600mA the Accuracy is 1.8% & for 10A the Accuracy is 2%. For Resistance measurement of 600ohms/6oKohms/60Kohms/ 600Kohms/ 6Mohms the Accuracy is 1.2% &for 60Mohms the Accuracy is 2%. For the Capacitance measurement of 6nF the Accuracy is 5.0%, for 60nF/600nF/6uF the Accuracy is 3.0% & for 60uF/600uF/6mF. With all these features this Model KM-DMM-41/41R becomes one of the most desired Multimeter. For more Information contact : M/S. KUSAM ELECTRICAL INDUSTRIES LTD G-17, Bharat Industrial Estate, T.J. Road, Sewree (W), Mumbai :- 400015. India. Sales Direct :- 022-24156638, Tel :- 022-24124540, 24181649, 27750662 Fax :- 022-24149659, 27751612 Email :- kusam_meco@vsnl.net, sales@kusam-meco.co.in Website :- www.kusamelectrical.com
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