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Project Volume
   April 2013
Keypad based simple electronic lock
230VAC to 5VDC Power Supply
Automatic right light circuit
USB Lamp Circuit

   March 2013
Circuit Breaker
Portable Siren
Speaker Mic Circuit
Interfacing Serial Eeprom to 8051

   February 2013
Alcohol Sensing Using 8051
DC to DC Converter
Voltage regulation Using LM350
Stereo Ampilifier For Laptops
MSP430 interface to LCD


   January 2013
Scrolling Display
Digital Compass
Optocoupler Based Circuit
Voice Modulator Circuit

   December 2012
Port Expander 74HC595
Anti theft Alarm
USB Charger for Mobile Phone

   November 2012
DC Motor Interfacing to PIC16F688
DC Uninterruptable Power Supply
Mains Operated White LED Lamp Circuit
Sound Detector

   October 2012
Bidirectional Visitor Counter
Metal Detector
Voltage Double Using Timer 555
Air Flow Detection

   September 2012
Eusart Of PIC
Brake Light Flasher
Heat Detector
Night Lamp Using Solar

   August 2012
Interfacing Graphics LCD to 89C52
EMF Detector
LED Torch With Adjustable Brightness
Latchable Relay

   July 2012
Pressure Sensing System Using 8051
Auto Turn Off Battery Charger
Metal Detector Using Timer 555
Wireless Mains voltage Tester

   June 2012
AT89Sxx ISP Programmer
Car Battery Voltmeter
Temperature Controlled Fan

   May 2012
Seven Segment Multiplexing Using Pic Micro controller
Power Failure Detector
Time Delay Relay Using IC 555
Solder Iron Temperature Controller

   April 2012
8Channel Sequential Controller
Programmable Amplifiers using digital Potentiometers
Bipolar Transistor tester
Atmega 8 Connection to 74HC595

   March 2012
Sound Activated Switch Circuit
Vibration Detector
Snubber Circuit
SMS Based Device Control

   February 2012
Level Alarm Using AT89C51
Timer using ATMEGA 16
Bipolar Transistor Tester
Voltage Doubler Using 555 Timer
Current to Voltage Converter

   January 2012
RFID interface to 8051
Ultrasonic Receiver
Dual Polarity Power Supply
Rain Detector

   December 2011
Motion Detector Using pir Sensor
Smoke Detector
12 to 120 Volt Inverter
Speech Amplifier

   November 2011
Microcontroller Based Temperature Control Fan System
Hacking Sleep Alarm
High Temperature Probe
Telephone Tapping

   October 2011
Charlieplexing Using AVR 8535
Zener Diode Tester Circuit
LED Lamp
12 Volt Bike Horn

   September 2011
File Alarm Circuit
Over Voltage Protector
Interfacing Hyper Terminal with 8051

   August 2011
Digital Clock Using 8051
Cell Phone Detector
Dual Tone Generation Using Timer 555
Portable USB charger

   July 2011
Keypad Connection to LPC 2129
Ultrasonic Receiver
Dual Polarity Power Supply
Rain Detector

   June 2011
5X7 LED Display
Hearing AID
LED based emergency Light
DC to AC Converter

   May 2011
DTMF using 8870 Decoder IC
Bi-directional Motor using TIMER 556
Visitor Counter using IR Sensors
Line Following Robot

   April 2011
DC Motor Control Using Keypad
DC to DC Converter
Mobile battery Charging Circuit

   March 2011
Rolling Display Using 8051
Battery Charging Through 12v Solar Panel
Refigerator Door Alarm
DC Motor Control Using Timer 555

   February 2011
Bidirectional Motor Using 8051
Bicycle Turning Indicator
Light Sensitive Alarm

   January 2011
ExperimentalUnderstanding AboutI/OCounters/Timers and Interrupts of AT89C52
Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron
Charging Battery through wind energy
LEDs for Automobiles

   December 2010
Microcontroller Based Voltmeter
Electric Fence For Window
Soldering Iron-Inverter
UPS For Telephone

   November 2010
Digital Temperature Meter & Humidity Meter Part-4
temperature Storage Sstem on Serial Eeprom
TV Remote Jammer
RF Strength Meter
Diwali Decorative Light
Wave Form Generator
Smoke Alarm

   October 2010
Microcontroller Based Air Sampler
Digital temperature Meter & Humidity Meter Part-3
Cat and Dog Repeller
Pulse Rate Monitor
remote Watering System

   September 2010
Microcontroller Based Light Tracking Robot
Digital temperature Meter & Humidity meter
Small Fan on AC Mains
Dual Digital Dice: Low-Cost Circuit
Self- Powered Battery Tster

   August 2010
Microcontroller BasedRemote Monitoring & Control (SCADA)Remaining Part42
Digital Temperature Meter & Humidity Meter
Wireless Audio Transmitter
LED Night Lamp
Waveform Generator

   July 2010
Microcontroller Based Remote Monitoring & Control(SCADA)
Microcontroller Based RF Remote Controller Robot Remaining Part
Led Night Lamp
4 Lintelligent Battery Charger
5 Radiation Detector.

   June 2010
Microcontroller Based Scrolling Display With Ps2 Keyboard Interface
Microcontroller Based RF Remote Controller Robot
Control AC Power
Direction-Sensitive Light Barrier
LED Torch

   May 2010
Microcontroller Based RF
Remote Controller Robot
PC& Microcontroller Based
Temperature Controller
PC Power Monitor
Linear Power Suplly for Solid State Lighting
Garden Lighting Controller.

   April 2010
Automatic Character Recognition for Blind Remaining Part
Black & White Line Tracking By Ultra Fast Vehicle
220V Bulb Flasher
Burgler Alarm
Pets/Creature Remover

   March 2010
PIC Microcontroller Based RFID Library Management Remaining Part
Automatic Character Recognition for Blind
High Range Voltmeter
Touch Activated Logic
DMains Operated Garage Protector

   February 2010
Microcontroller Based Electronic Voting Machine
Patient Ward Alarm
IDigital Tuning Your Radio Receiver
Digital Camera Flash Trigger By Audio

   January 2010
Microcontroller Based Digital Voltmeter
Automatic Vehicles
Headlight Control
Induction Amplifier
Electronic Tuning Fork

   December 2009
PIC Microcontroller Based RFID Library Management Part-1
Obstacle Chaser Robot
Sound Effect Generator
Lesser Component FM Radio
Foaster Alarm

   November 2009
PIC Microcontroller Based Wireless temperature and Heart Beat Read-Out
PIC Microcontroller Based Solar Tracker Using Fuzzy Logic
Missed Call Detecter for a Landline Phone/Fax
Temperature Controlled Switch
Shoes Lighting

   October 2009
Microcontroller Based Banker-Player Game
Serial Programmer/IC Burner for 8051 Microcontrollers
Automatic Fan Controller Circuit
Removed Pulase Alert for Robots
Car Anti Theft Wireless Alarm
VHF Audio/Video Transmitter

   September 2009
Microcontroller Based Intelligent High Intensity LED Light
Microcontroller Based Remote Control For PC
Rolling Game
10MHz Fiberoptic Receiver
Permanent Magnet Detector
Radio Frequency Field Estimator
Cheap & Cheerful Transistor Tester

   August 2009
Programmable Microcontroller Based Green House Controller Remaining Part
Microcontroller Based Inductance Capacitance Meter
Simple ShortWave Receiver
Transistorized Meter Detector
Thermal Protector for PC Monitor
Car Battery LED Voltmeter

   July 2009
EnerMet: Microcontroller Based Energy Meter
Programmable Microcontroller Based Green House Controller
Electronic Barometer
Reliable Battery Tester
Automatic Night Light
Automatic Cell Charger By Solar Pannel

   June 2009
Wireless Temperature Alarm with 8 zone Wireless Burglar Alarm
DC & Stepper Motor Control Card With LCD
Candles go electronics
High Brightness LED Light For Car
Single Chip Digital Voltmeter (LCD Based)

   May 2009
Wireless Temperature Alarm with 8 zone Wireless Burglar Alarm
Atmel ISP Development Board
4 Channel RF remote
RS-232 to TTL Convertor
DC TO DC Convertor (5V to 30V)

   April 2009
PIC 16F72 Based Contactless Tachometer
Ultrasonic Distance meter Remaining Part
Room Transmitter
Low-powered Video Transmitter
Flash Meter

Ultrasonic Distance Meter
Radio Remote Control using DTMF
Electronic Keypad
4 in 1 Burglar Alarm

   Feburary 2009
Microcontroller Based Remote Notice Board Using RS232 Link
Radio Alert System
Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
Voice Record/Play back Circuit
Flasher for 36 LED
Ignition Circuit

   January 2009
Simple Microcontroller based AUTOBELL
Whistle Responder
Attractive Christmas Star
Car Interior Light Fader
Air Flow Detector

   December 2008
Microcontroller Based DATA ACQUISITION
Microcontroller Based Bidirectional Object Counter
Frequency Counter 10-MHZ
Low frequency quartz crystal unit
Flasher for 36 LED

   November 2008
Microcontroller Based IR Remote Control
Microcontroller Based Two Set point Thermostat
Thermal Flowmeter
Single-plate Touch Sensor
Electronic Crossover Circuit
Estimate Pressure Digitally

   October 2008
Microcontroller Based Telephone Operated Device Control
ATmega32L Microcontroller Based Communication Between PC and Sony IR Remote Control
IR Telephone Transmitter
Metal Detector
Hall-Effect Compass
AM Transmitter

   September 2008
USB Controlled Stepper Motor Interface
Transmitter Based on VFO
14W CFL Ballast
Hot Water Level Indicator
Microcontroller Based Digital Calender Cum Alarmed School Bell

   August 2008
Microcontroller Based Single Channel Logic Analyser Using Graphical LCD
VGA Monitors Extention
Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
PIC Microcontroller Based IR TRACKER

   July 2008
Microcontroller Based Ultrasonic Range Meter
Capacitance Meter
Bug Detector

   June 2008
Counters/Timers and Interrupts of AT89C52
Rabbit Microprocessor:Theory & Its Applications
Baby Monitor System
Universal Battery Charger
Electronic Roulette

   May 2008
Digial Eco construction
Rabbit Microprocessor:Theory & Its Applications Part-1
Wind Powered Battery Charger
Ultrasonic Movement Detector
Frequency Meter for 10 Hz to 100 kHz

   April 2008
Cornea Testing For Medical Application
Radio Alert System
Temperature Controller for Heater
Capacitance Tester
Microcontroller Driven Traffic Light System

   March 2008
Room Power Controller
Cornea Testing For Medical Application
Smoke Detector
Ignition Circuit

   February 2008
Microcontroller Driven Eight Channel Security System
AT89C51 Microcontroller Based Graphical LCD Interface
Flashy Lights
Infrared Head Phones
Voice Record / Playback Circuit

   January 2008
Response Time Gadget
Continuity Tester with Programmable Range
Tune Generator
Touch Activated Switch
Smart Fan Driver

   December 2007
Audio Cross-Over
Power Saving Ambient Switch
Magic Box
Function Generator
Clap Device Control

   November 2007
Data Storage
Pest Repeller
Piano Frequency
TTL Logic Probe

   October 2007
Microcontroller Based Pulse Meter
Stepper Motor Control
Zone Alarm System
Voice Over System
Water Activated Alarm

First Player Finder
Multi-Detector Intruder Alarm
DC-Dc Converter
12 Volt
30AMp Power Supply
Microcontroller Based Programmable Temperature Alarm With LCD Display

   August 2007
Moving Message Dot Matrix Display
Microcontroller Based Adjustable Kitchen Timer System
Home Monitoring
RFWave Meter
Field Detector
Class-C RF Amplifier

   July 2007
Microcontroller Based Adjustable Kitchen Timer system
Traffic Light Controller
Inverter Circuit
Simple Equipment Protection From Over-Voltage
Transistorized Audio Amplifier
Cut Phone Line Detector

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