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Electornics Maker 31 Jan 2015
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Project Volume


S No. Circuit Name Hits
1    Employee database management concluding part 9080
2    Employee database management partt-2 7969
3    Build Yourself A Software for Video Shop 6885
4    Build Yourself Inventory Management System 5945
5    Build Yourself Banking Management System 3807
6    Employee database part-1 37
7    Educational Software for the 7723
8    Educational Software for the... concluding part 7582
9    Dice game simulator Part-1 8366
10    Dice game simulator part-2 8582
11    Dice game simulator concluding part 9435
Kits On Sale
  Microcontroller based 8-Zone(Zone plus Tampering) Alarm System  
  Electronics MakerRs 1800  
  Microcontroller based Industrial Time Operated Machine  
  PC controlled Robotic Vehicle  
  Electronics MakerRs 2500  
  PIC16F877A Microcontroller Based Adjustable Kitchen Timer  
  Electronics MakerRs 1500  
  PC Datalogger using microcontroller  
  Electronics MakerRs 2000  
  Microcontroller Based Electronic Code Lock Using PIC16F877A  
  Electronics MakerRs 2200  
  PIC16F877A Microcontroller Based Programmable Temperature Alarm  
  Electronics MakerRs 2500