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Electornics Maker 23 Apr 2018
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It is a professionally managed electronics print media with highly skilled staff having experience of this respective field.

Electronics Maker (EM) is a monthly magazine in the field of electronics published by EM Media Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, since 1996 under the license of RNI, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. It is one of the most dynamic and vibrant monthly electronics magazine of post liberalization era. At present it has readership in the range of over three lakhs per month, which is growing at a very rapid rate of 10%- 20% per annum. Nearly 50% of the readers are at decision-making levels more than 80% of the readers are qualified Electronics professionals. EM features articles/reviews by the eminent experts/professionals on the modern and core issues related to electronics circuits/design engineering, innovation-centric novel electronics projects for youths and R&D professionals, information systems development and management issues, policy issues of government pertaining to electronics industry, environmentally appropriate technologies in the frontier areas of electronics & IT. Besides, it also features technical notes/views/trade inquiries pertaining to components and products used in electrical/electronics circuits: such as control equipment, networking and communication equipment, laboratory equipment & scientific instruments, semi-conductors, imaging, video equipment & industrial automation services etc. The readership categories are varied and include: Consultants-Projects, Educational Institutes/ Colleges/ Newbies/ Training Institutes, Government Sector Manufacturing Sectors (such as Heavy/ Medium Industries) and others etc. The magazine is easily available in newsstands, book stalls & institutes libraries etc. throughout India/Asian Countries. For advertisers, EM provides an exciting opportunity to reach a wide mass of potential clientele. This has been made possible through a competitive advertisement tariff and a corporate motto that believes and enables quality and quantity.


Well to put it simply we have all colors a media house needs. We represent an entire spectrum of services and competencies to make a success.

Our approach is to ensure that every thing is planned to perfection.

Our approach to understand the client and his business and then creating a services around that it is what set apart.

We are biggest electronic print media house and professional keeping the overhead cost to minimum and yet delivering better than other electronics magazine. Lower overhead cost means a more cost effective and values for money services to our clients.

We are now momentous media partners for all electronics major tread shows for India and International market.

From strategy to implementation, we combine our knowledge with technical expertise to provide services that bring real, tangible services. Our dedicated team of specialist will oversee different aspects of your needs and will coordinate faultless services to meet your objectives.

An organization is all about people. The team of our is a strong group with people from various background. We have nothing in common, but a strong desire to create EM as one of the leading media house in international market. In a short span of time, we become one of the popular magazine with big brands of advertisers supporting us, because of that we take pride in thinking differently diversely, to make sure no aspect is untouched. We all, as a team compliment each other we can always relate to each other, when we get down to work. It\\\'s a balanced combination. On one hand we have young and aggressive fresh mind bubbling with enthusiasm & innovative ideas and on the other hand a strong hand backup which come from highly experienced & technical minds right from top to bottom. i.e. our Administration, Technical staff, marketing, Designing, Printing Division and Circulation Division. The team work is total based on harmony and what binds all of us together is our passion for services.

It is the fastest electronic magazine in Indian region. Our advertiser found their advertisement as their product get page 3 exposure in industry and education segment, at fraction cost.

For our readers Electronics Maker has articles on latest topic, giving readers the cutting edge information on developments in electronics and designing.
Our support lies in a young and talented core team with a fresh prospective of Indian Media House. We see all our clients in special light and give individual treatment to all our clients. With us, you can expect a thoroughly professional approach by test talents.


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  Microcontroller Based Electronic Code Lock Using PIC16F877A  
  Electronics MakerRs 2200  
  Microcontroller based 8-Zone(Zone plus Tampering) Alarm System  
  Electronics MakerRs 1800  
  PC Datalogger using microcontroller  
  Electronics MakerRs 2000  
  PIC16F877A Microcontroller Based Programmable Temperature Alarm  
  Electronics MakerRs 2500  
  PIC16F877A Microcontroller Based Adjustable Kitchen Timer  
  Electronics MakerRs 1500  
  PC controlled Robotic Vehicle  
  Electronics MakerRs 2500  
  Microcontroller based Industrial Time Operated Machine