eInfochips launches Andromeda Reference Platform to accelerate Medical Imaging and Telemedicine Product Design

The video processing system includes the system hardware and software that design teams need for fast time-to-application development

Ahmedabad (India), Feb 5, 2014: eInfochips, a leading product design companytoday launched the Andromeda Reference Platformfor medical imaging and telemedicine designers. The Andromedavideo image003processing system is an app-readydevelopment platform for medical imaging systemsincluding endoscopy, angiography, mammography, arthroscopy and ultrasound. For telemedicine engineers, Andromeda also is a wireless-ready platform for applications that connect doctors, patients and families together on a network. For both medical imaging and telemedicine design teams, Andromedaaccelerates prototype developmentwhile reducing costs.

According to Frank Berry, founder and senior analyst at IT Brand Pulse, “Medical imaging companies are focused on out-innovating each other. Reference platforms like Andromeda allow design teams to maintain that focus, and to get innovative products to market faster.”

Parag Mehta, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at eInfochips, added- “Andromeda is designed to streamline manufacturing complexity as well.  The same System-on-Module used in the development platform is designed for high volume production.”

The Andromeda Reference Platform

Reference Platforms from eInfochips include the system hardware and software design teams need for fast time-to-application development.  The Andromeda Reference Platform is a wireless-ready video processing system,loaded with a Linux operating system, sample applications and documentation. The video processing system includes a carrier card, a video I/O module, a touch-screen display and an ultra-small form-factor system-on-module. The system-on-moduleis available with two versions of ARM Cortex A8 based Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processors: 1) the TMS320DM8148 with SGX530 Graphics Acceleration, and 2) the TMS320DM8168 with HD Video Acceleration.

The Andromeda Reference Platform will be showcased at eInfochips booth # 672 during the MedTech MD&M West 2014, February 11-13,in Anaheim, CA.

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