EasyEDA: The emerging cloud based PCB design tool

Computers now have great weight in most development processes, especially in the field of electronics has become a great ally for the development of new projects, whether purely analogue, digital or mixed. EasyEDA brings a very interesting proposal integrating an entire online ecosystem for circuit development. From the schematic developed is possible to perform spice simulations, routing and design the PCB with the possibility to export gerber / drill files or even order the confection of the PCB by the service offered, helping to maintain the tool.

EasyEDA is growing rapidly and has many nice features, further facilitating the work of students, makers, enthusiasts and professionals. The EasyEDA allows online access to all of its EDA tools at no cost through the website https://easyeda.com/.

EasyEDA-homepageEasyEDA-editorDevelop a project in EasyEDA is quite simple and intuitive. After being logged just click on “+ New Project” to start the process. All main components and tools are easily accessible. In addition to the native components, users have the possibility to import components created by other users or create your own components, also allowing save subcircuits as modules enabling reuse in new projects. There is a tutorial explaining the operation of the tools, as well as an ebook about Spice simulation.

EasyEDA-TutorialAfter you finish your PCB design, you can use their online Gerber Viewer review the PCB design files, then directly order PCBs from EasyEDA. EasyEDA provide online instant quote, fast fabrication and competitive price, which save a lot of time and money for you.

EasyEDAPCBorderWe have seen in recent years the growing of the Maker philosophy, the spread of Do it Yourself (DIY) and sharing networks. EasyEDA fits pretty well in this new reality allowing makers to develop their own projects in a more uncomplicated way, while allowing project sharing within this community. Users can access many Open Source modules developed by thousands of makers, students and electronics engineers. This feature allows a wide diffusion of new open source projects besides the updates to existing projects, enabling a continuously growing of the projects. Furthermore the system allows a certain amount of private projects that can be stored in the cloud or on the user’s computer. This feature can be very useful in some steps of the projects.

EasyEDASince it is a web-based tool brings great flexibility, being independent of the operating system, behaving well in various systems.

About EasyEDA:

EasyEDA is an web based tool for the development of electronic schematic diagrams, spice simulation and PCB layout design. A very useful tool for students, hobbyists, makers, enthusiasts and professional electronics. Is available to the public in https://easyeda.com/.


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