Bosch Introduces a Powerful Pressure Washing Tool with Heavy-duty Mechanism

Bosch-Powerful-Pressure-Washing-ToolThe modern epoch has significantly transformed our lives with the advancement of technology. The current market has been continuously influenced by the launch of new hardware and software, which are perhaps the major reason for a boom in the tech industry.

The machinery giant Bosch recently launched a powerful pressure washer that is capable of delivering astonishing performance to wash stubborn dirt and grime. The regional director and Indian business head of the company said that the company’s problem-solving approach inspires us to make innovative products that offer excellent user experience.

What’s New in the Latest Bosch Pressure Washers?

The company is known for their excellent products that have eventually set a benchmark as the leader in manufacturing quality products. According to the company’s officials, the new range of pressure washers is powered by a rotary jet mechanism as well as the new high-pressure pencil jet, which is powered by 2400 W rated power mechanism.

Apart from this, the pressure washer operates at a pressure of 140 bar, which leaves no grime and dust on any surface. There are numerous Electric Pressure Washers available in the market that promises high durability but eventually fails to do so. The new Bosch pressure washers are precisely designed for automobile and commercial vehicles that require high-pressure for removing stubborn dirt from each corner.

On the other hand, the Bosch new range of pressure washers is designed in a way that they consume minimal electricity and provide maximum output. These washers are now equipped with a high-pressure detergent nozzle, which makes it easier for the operator to spread the detergent evenly on the surface.

The Hardware Specification of the Machine

The company is offering wobble plate pump system that perfectly augments the overall performance of the washer. Moreover, the max output pressure is 150 bar, which is quite impressing. The piston of this pressure washer is made up of high-quality steel that ensures adequate durability.

Electric-Pressure-WashersWhy it is always a better option to choose an Electric Pressure Washer

Sometimes people often get confused while picking the right pressure washer for their commercial or residential purposes. One should always prefer an electric pressure washer for the residential washing purposes including a car wash and cleaning the exteriors of the home.

The electric washers are compact and can be easily utilized for daily cleaning purposes as compared to the gas pressure washers. The gas pressure washers are best for commercial cleaning purposes as they deliver high-pressure output that is required for huge vehicles including the SUV’s, trucks, and buses. One should only consider a gas washer for commercial purposes only.

Will it be worth to choose a Pressure Washer as Compared to Automatic Washing Systems?

Some advanced mechanisms are offering automated cleaning and drying of a vehicle. This mechanism takes the vehicle through a dedicated input, which is fully automatic. The vehicle is sent through a queue, and the washers start to sprinkle water at great pressure.

The process continues for a couple of minutes, and then the vehicle is cleaned with rollers that are guided by sensors to provide precise cleansing of the vehicle. The entire process is carried out on a conveyor that takes the vehicle in the different stations for washing, rubbing, and drying.

It is considered as the finest way to clean the heavy vehicles, which otherwise isn’t possible by using conventional pressure washing systems. There are several options available for people seeking the best equipment for commercial as well as residential purposes. One just needs to explore the internet and get the detailed information regarding the hardware specification of a particular machine.

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