Best-in-class IP Camera that provides you Crystal Clear Night Vision!

SATATYA-CIBR20FL60CWSMatrix 2MP IP Bullet camera is specially designed to give superior image quality even at lower illumination. Matrix 2MP Camera has back illuminated sensors which provide excellent image quality even when there is negligible light in the background. It has true WDR, which gives consistent image without any glare at variable exposure levels.

Key Features:
  1. Superior Image Quality
  • EXMOR Technology: This is a SONY’s patent technology with back illuminated sensor, which reproduces colored image at light as low as 0.08lux.
  • True WDR: With this feature, camera will capture two sample images and smartly varies its exposure time, thus, rectifying the overexposed and underexposed areas in the scene giving more informative and clear image. Consequently, True WDR gives consistent image without any glare at variable exposure levels.


  1. Low Storage and Bandwidth Consumption
  • 265: Latest Video Compression Technique is used for bandwidth and storage optimization.
  • Adaptive Streaming: During non-activity period, this feature helps record at lower bitrate. Hence, bandwidth consumption will be low.
  • Region of Interest: This feature allows streaming and recording of only critical areas from the entire image and saves 30% of bandwidth.
  • Smart Streaming: It divides a single stream into multiple resolutions based on its importance. The result is surveillance video that preserves video quality where it matters, while significantly reducing overall network bandwidth consumption.
  1. Video Analytics
  • Motion Detection: Areas where motion should not occur can be marked. If motion occurs, it sends instant notifications.
  • Trip Wire: It identifies any motion over a defined virtual line. This can be extremely useful in perimeter security by virtual fencing.
  • Intrusion Detection: Provides notification on entry or exit from a high security or dangerous area.
  1. Others
  • Network Disconnect: Provides notification on detection of a network disconnection.
  • IP Conflict: Provides notification in case of more than one camera having the same IP.
  • Storage Alert: Sends out an alert in case the SD card of the camera gets full.
    • Four Stream Support: for Four Simultaneous Users
    • SD Card Support: The storage provided is up to 128GB.


    Thus, Matrix IP Camera gives you a higher image quality with reduced noise and smoother action sequences leading to enhanced security.

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