Bangalore based HHV exclusively develops ‘fluorescence filter’ for bomb detectors

The latest fluorescence filters from HHV will meet the challenging task of detecting the explosive in surface/ land mines with handheld bomb detectors.

Mumbai, 25th November 2013: The Bangalore based Hind High Vacuum Co. Pvt. Ltd. (HHV), announced that its thin films technology division has exclusively developed a ‘fluorescence filter’ for handheld bomb detectors. HHV’s ’fluorescence filter’ which is integrated with the explosive detecting device, allows to a particular wavelength of fluorescence light and this will be enhanced for accuracy of the detection process.

Prasanth Sakhamuri MD_HHV

The detector uses source of light to stimulate the sensing element (fluorescent polymer (FP)) coated inside the bore of a glass capillary tube to emit fluorescent light.


At the same time, air / vapour surrounding the area is pulled through the bore of the sensing element. Traces of explosive vapour in the air/vapour stream will absorb to the FP and attenuate its characteristic fluorescence. This change is detected using optical and electronic components designed to maximize sensitivity.

This is a path breaking initiative by HHV. Established in 1965 at Bangalore to develop Indian self-reliance in high vacuum technology, HHV has now grown into a leading global player involved in the design, development and manufacture of off-the-shelf and customized equipment and products in the fields of Vacuum Technology, Solar Photovoltaic Energy and Thin Films Technology.

Announcing the same, Mr Prasanth Sakhamuri, Managing Director of HHV said, “We are extremely pleased to have indigenously developed this product at our facility. HHV’s pioneering spirit to develop new technologies and synchronise its expertise in thin film technology with applications has resulted in this breakthrough.  HHV’s thin film technology group has some of India’s best thin film scientists and infrastructure to make coated optical components for many precision applications.”

Thin film products of HHV are being used by leading companies in a wide range of segments like defence, space, biomedical, industrial and many more. One of its proven products is “fluorescence filters”. HHV has been developing and producing these fluorescence filters with advanced deposition technique like Ion Assisted deposition (IAD) which are addressing many applications like to instantly diagnosing hardcore diseases etc.

The fluorescent filters produced by HHV has high specificity, steep edges, multiple dielectric layers and narrow bandwidths with an advanced deposition technique ‘Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD)’ which facilitates an environmentally hard coatings, superb resistance and high transmission. These filters are optically monitored during growth to ensure minimal deviation from design specifications and ensuring overall high quality filter performance.

HHV’s thin film division is equipped with twelve sophisticated vacuum coaters with necessary modern accessories and processes in a clean room environment to ensure the products and meet MIL standards. The division has earned a reputation for consistent, reliable product performance and is certified for ISO: 9001:2000, BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 and  ISO 14001: 2004 quality systems


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