Award Nomination Form 2018

Best Design, Manufacturing and Servicing Companies to be honor in 2018 Awards Program.

The 3rd Annual EM Best of Industry Awards 2018 shines a light on different electronics industry categories revealing the best of 2016 as chosen by you, Electronics Maker print and digital audience. Survey respondents are asked to nominate companies from categories listed below based on technological advancement, service to the industry, and market impact.

2018 Best of Industry Award Categories

Below are the categories in the 2018 Best of Industry Awards program. Voting will close on March 31, 2018; Nominated Companies will be notified by July 31, 2018.
Ones we received the nominations through voting, our senior editorial team have ensured they meet the judging criteria, they will be distributed to the judging panel. The judges convened to discuss all the finalists, and used the published criteria to individually discuss each shortlisted entry to establish the winners.
The judging panel comprises of independent, senior industry experts, top editorial chosen for their knowledge, objectivity and credibility.
EM Media staff extends appreciation to all who nominated products and took the time to vote. The 2018 Awards will be presented to the winners on September 2018 in New Delhi, India.

  1. IoT Frontier
  2. Best Electronics Engineering Company
  3. Best Test and Measurement Company
  4. Best Electronics Manufacturing Company
  5. Best Electronics Components Distributor
  6. Best Global Electronics Distributor Partner
  7. Best LED Manufacture
  8. Best Lighting Manufacturer
  9. Best Semiconductor Manufacturer
  10. Best Electronics Design Company
  11. Best Semiconductor Supplier
  12. Best Microcontrollers
  13. Best FPGA Company
  14. Best EDA Tools Provider
  15. Best Sensors Supplier
  16. Best Embedded Design Platform
  17. Best Software Platform
  18. Best Test and Measurement Distributor
  19. Best Interconnect Solutions Provider
  20. Best Connectors Manufacturer
  21. Best Industrial Automation Company
  22. Best Robotics Company
  23. Best Solar Player
  24. Best Battery Manufacturer
  25. Best UPS/Inverter Manufacturer
  26. Best Solar Inverter Manufacturer
  27. Best Power Supply Company
  28. Best Switches and Relays Manufacturer
  29. Best Security and Surveillance Provider
  30. Best SMT Pick n Place Platform [High Volume]
  31. Best SMT Pick n Place Platform [Low Volume]
  32. Best Stencil & Screen Printing Compnay
  33. Best Inspection Company
  34. Best Electronics Manufacturing Services Provider
  35. Best SMT Equipments Distributor
  36. Best Soldering Company
  37. Best PCB Manufacturing Company
1. Nominator Information:
2. Nominee Information:
3. I nominate the above for the:
4. Please provide a brief explanation of why you think the nominee should receive this award. Please include concrete examples that support your nomination.