ASM SMT Solutions wins two awards at EM Best Awards 2017

ASM SMT Solutions (ASM) has maintained its position as an innovative industry leader for many years, as proven by the many awards won by the ASM team for its solutions.
When Electronics Maker Awards were presented in this year’s September, in India, ASM was honored for “Smart Factory Vision” and “Best Stencil & Screen Printing”. The two awards were officially presented during the Productronica India 2017 exhibition. The awards focus on honoring trendsetting innovations in the electronica production field, and ASM is recognized as the leading performer to drive the electronics industry in India to the next level.

ASM-Smart-factory-awardSmart #1 SMT Factory

Today’s electronics manufacturers expect concrete solutions in the areas of Internet of Manufacturing and smart factories. Therefore, ASM presents a concreate roadmap for the future of electronics manufacturing, the Smart #1 SMT Factory. ASM’s roadmap for the Smart #1 SMT Factory lists four major innovation drivers: Best-in-class manufacturing capabilities, Automation, Process integration, and Flexible material logistics. With ASM’s clear four innovation drivers directing the smart factory, the electronics industry will have the intelligent factory step-by-step. ASM’s goal is to develop the future of electronics manufacturing by helping manufacturers to deliver maximum quality with maximum efficiency, flexibility and scalability.

DEK-awardDEK NeoHorizon: Modular and powerful

The new DEK NeoHorizon screen printers feature a totally modular design. Depending on requirements and applications, electronics manufacturers can equip the machines with various clamping systems, conveyors, sensors, camera systems and the latest version of the DEK ProFlow ATx printhead system at any time. With core cycles times of 6.5 seconds and an accuracy rating of up to 15 µm @ 2 Cmk (±6 Sigma), DEK NeoHorizon printers meet the highest standards in speed, efficiency and accuracy. The machines also have a new, highly robust cover that makes it possible to perform all operations and maintenance activities from the front of the machine. The DEK NeoHorizon Back-to-Back configuration provides a dual-track solution that’s smart, flexible and future-proof. Two printers are positioned back-to-back but can be operated independently of each other. If the setup is no longer needed, they can be split up and installed on separate lines again.

“The awards for the ASM team confirm the innovative strength and the leadership in the market.” Peland Koh, Vice President, Customer Relationship Management & Regional MD, Rest of Asia, ASM SMT Solutions Segment, is very happy about these accomplishments: “We are very proud of these awards. As the world’s leading supplier of equipment to the electronics industry, ASM takes responsibility for ensuring our customers can master the production challenges. We are very well positioned to support our customers in India on their way to the Smart #1 SMT factory.”

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