Apps, Artificial Intelligence May Make Divorce Process Easier For Parents

No matter the specific circumstances, going through a divorce can be emotionally difficult, to say the least. But now, technological advancements — including a popular app and artificial intelligence software — may make the process just a little bit easier for many families.

Thirstoo, an AI-powered application created by a legal software company, is meant to take the guesswork out of filing for divorce. Just pay the $149 fee and fill out some basics, like your household income, assets, and whether or not you have children. While 29% of custody cases are decided without third-party involvement, Thirstoo even addresses ways to agree on parental responsibility arrangements. In the end, the software fills out the divorce forms, tells users what documents they need to gather, and recommends that they see a lawyer to review everything before it’s finalized.

It’s meant only for those uncontested divorces — the software will urge couples to seek out help from a mediator if they can’t reach an agreement on divisions — but still, some couples are saying that the assistance the software provides allowed them to remain friends with their exes. It could also allow couples to save a significant amount on legal fees, to be sure. For now, the software is available only to Canadians, but similar services (like Wevorce) are available in some areas throughout the United States.

But once a divorce is finalized, that doesn’t signal the end of all issues. Just keeping track of time-sharing and communicating effectively with your co-parent can be tough. A popular app called Fayr, which was recently featured on an Apple Music new reality series, Planet of the Apps, is really catching on in the co-parenting world.

Fayr features a family calendar where both parents and kids can keep track of where they’re supposed to be and when. It tracks family activities, time-sharing responsibilities, and even real-time location check-ins. It also features an in-app messaging tool, expense records, and access to court-ready documents.

Conceptualized by a divorced father from Florida, the app is meant to alleviate familial stress and provide a totally transparent and easy way to communicate. Even Gwyneth Paltrow, who signed on as a mentor/advisor for the project within the scope of the TV series, is a fan.

“My favorite thing about Fayr is that it was created with the whole family in mind,” says Paltrow in a press release. “Separating is a challenging transition for any couple. When children are involved, it’s especially tender and worrisome. Fayr removes unnecessary stresses and tension so parents can collaborate to create calm and stability for their children.”

For the average divorced couple with kids, Fayr is an irreplaceable tool. Subscriptions are $5 per month on iOS devices and will be soon available for Android.

Needless to say, divorce will never be a cinch. But at least these applications make it a little easier to connect, track, and keep moving forward.

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