Altera JESD204B Solutions SimplifyIntegration of Leading-edge Data Converters in FPGA-based Systems

Customers Can Jumpstart Development of JESD204B Serial Interfaces by Leveraging Altera’s Online Resource Center

Hong Kong, January 24, 2014 – Altera Corporation announced the availability of a broad range of JESD204B solutionsdesigned to simplify the integration of Altera FPGAs andhigh-speed data converters in systems using the latest JEDEC JESD204B standard. The interface standard is used across many applications, including radar, wireless radioheads, medical imaging equipment, software


defined radios and industrial applications. Altera’s JESD204B solutions include intellectual property (IP) cores, reference designs, development boards and interoperability reportsfor the industry’s latest data converters. This comprehensive collection of JESD204B resourcesis available through an online resource center that enables users to jumpstart the development of JESD204B-based serial interfaces, whilegiving designers the flexibility to select the FPGAs and data converters that best meet their systems’ power and performance requirements.

JESD204B is a high-speed serial interface standard that greatly simplifies circuit board design when interoperatingFPGAs withanalog-to-digital converters(ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs). Altera has validated device interoperability with leadingdata converter suppliers, including Analog Devices and Texas Instruments (TI),and is actively working to expand its offering by validating interoperability with many other data converter companies. Altera offers JESD204B solutions that support its latest28nm products, includinghigh-performance Stratix® V FPGAs; mid-rangeArria® V FPGAs and SoCs; and low-power, low-cost Cyclone® V FPGAs and SoCs.

“Our close collaboration with industry-leading partners enables us to deliver the most comprehensive JESD204B offering in the FPGA industry,” said Alex Grbic, director of software and IP product marketing at Altera. “Providing validated device interoperability reports, proven IP, and multiple reference designs and development kitsallow customers to quickly evaluate and integrate a JESD204B-based serial interface into their designs.”

Altera is the only FPGAvendor to provideJESD204B IP that includes the physical layer, data link layer and transport layer implementations from a single source. The IP conforms to the latest JESD204B standard for operation up to 12.5 Gbps.Demonstration videos and full interoperability reports areavailable for viewing

Altera JESD204B Resource Center

Altera features a JESD204B resource center on its web site that simplifies the evaluation andselection of data converters from industry-leading vendors. Through this resource center, customers can find out more information about Altera’s JESD204B solutions, download and evaluate JESD204B IP, viewdevice interoperability reportsand characterization reports, and download reference designs. Demonstration videos are also available for viewing within the Altera JESD204B resource center that detail the set up and hardware used in several systems. Altera offers free technical training modules that can help designers familiarize themselves with Altera high-speed serial IOs and related software tools. The JESD204B resource center is located

Pricing and Availability

Altera’s JESD204B solutions, including fully tested and proven IP, reference designs and development kits, are available today. The JESD204B IP is available for download and free evaluation at additional information and pricing,readers should contact a local Altera sales representative.


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