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Advent IIT Bombay design house is with Reverse car parking complete solution!

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Reverse Car Parking sensors in India

With the growing focus on the ever increasing motor and vehicles related accidents, the Indian Government has decided to make it mandatory for all cars to have parking sensors. It is the latest in the world of automotive industry and is viewed as a precursor to avoid a major share of the road related accidents.

How does a sensor work?

But how does a parking sensor actually work? Well the answer is very simple. The mechanism of the car sensors is designed in such a way that the sensors tend to send the waves which then bounce off the object and hit the sensor. The time taken by the waves from emission to being received is then used to predict the distance of the object from the car. This is similar to the principle of echolocation that is used by animals such as the dolphin. Usually, these sensors are sensitive enough to detect object ranging from 5-15 meters away from the car. However, each of the sensors is different and therefore it is mandatory to check and then install the types of sensor the user wants.

Out of the various variants available, the electromagnetic sensor seems to be the best. Other types of sensors can create problems when there are exceptional cases. With so many companies offering reverse car sensors, it can be quite confusing, but here are a few brands that top the list such as BeneGlow, ZoneTech, Xenos, Napoer, Black Rear and Silver Parking to name a few. These sensors tend to have color LED displays, buzzer alarms, backlight display and more.

Electromagnetic sensors

Car parking sensors are found in two classifications. One falls under the Ultrasonic System and the other, Electromagnetic System like the Parking Dynamics PD1.

Ultrasonic sensors: Here the 3, 4 or 6 sensors convey a ultrasonic wave that recognizes the nearness of any hindrance in the auto’s vicinity. The closer it gets to the impediment the speedier it can send the flag back to the control unit. To alarm the driver of the identified question and its position, a circuit is made to send a flag through a capable of being heard gadget. Utilizing various monstrous sensors mounted in the autos bumper, be it 3, 4 or even 6 this sort of sensor requires constant support to accomplish ideal operation.

Electromagnetic Sensors: This kind of sensor not at all like the Ultrasonic System make an electromagnetic field around the front or back of the vehicle even onto the sides of the vehicle. The framework identifies all items within a distance of 3 feet of the bumper and begins to flag immediately by means of a progression of clear and diverse capable of tones, being heard that readies the driver of moving toward snags.

The electromagnetic sensors are without support and thus, require no bumper gaps to be penetrated dissimilar to the ultrasonic sensor sort.

Electromagnetic Sensor Unique Design


Ultrasonic sensors are discovered for the most part on fundamental to mid range vehicles, however a couple of world class makers have now moved over to the electromagnetic sort because of its ‘undetectable when fitted’ outline that enables you to keep the new manufacturing plant look of your bumper and auto. This move is presently beginning to occur in the retail part as this one of a kind outline empowers an incentive to stay in vehicles.

While fitting the ultrasonic sensors you are required to penetrate gaps in the bumper of the auto, the Electromagnetic ones are just put behind auto’s bumper. The whole electromagnetic framework includes a glue reception apparatus tape, an electronic unit, acoustic speaker and straightforward wiring pack making establishment a doddle.

Once fitted, this no gaps (no-penetrate) stopping sensor conveys a reasonable flag to the driver when any question falls into the attractive field made inside its vicinity ensuring your vehicle at all sides and front and back.

The electromagnetic stopping sensors are intended to give security to your auto, while keeping the original feel absolutely in place. The sensors are introduced with the goal that they remain totally imperceptible to the exposed eye.


In the current scenario, Indian cars only have a rear view mirror. However, this is not sufficient as such mirrors require the driver to take a certain action. However, with these technologically advanced parking sensors, the car safety system can be said to be more proactive. This one step can make the necessary decline in the car accidents making the Indian road and parking areas, safe again.

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