5G will be helpful in enabling many missions of Indian government

Mr. Jyoti Parkash Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, MobileComm Technologies India Pvt. Ltd
Mr. Jyoti Parkash Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, MobileComm Technologies India Pvt. Ltd
MobileComm is a key industry player in the wireless services arena. MobileComm enjoys the distinct advantage of being an independent wireless network professional technical services vendor with a robust and integrated portfolio of wireless solutions. Mr. Jyoti Parkash Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, MobileComm Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. shares more about company services, its business and his outlook on wireless industry in India. 

What is your outlook on wireless industry and recent trends?
Wireless industry has emerged as a lifeline of communication for exchanging information through the free space or wireless media. In starting, it was developed as a mobile telephony but due to the increase of user density and requirements of faster access of
information in terms of high speed data, video, voice etc. it requires new emerging trends of wireless technology. Recently, wireless industry is moving towards 5G the next generation of cellular communication, we can expect to have more concrete plans laid out in 2020.
The estimated speeds on the networks of the future will range from a low figure of 3.6 GBPS to over 10 GBPS. At MobileComm, the journey in the wireless domain was challenging and over the years we have evolved to achieve our targets.

Tell us your overview on emerging wireless technologies and its adoption in India?

5G is based on socio-technological trends and the vision incorporates the deployment of technology across all verticals, this vision has key transformational initiatives being driven across the world.
5G will be helpful in enabling many missions of Indian government like DIGITAL India, SMART Cities & SMART Village. India will arise as a worldwide player in the Design, Development and Manufacturing of 5G based technology and product with the help of MAKE in INDIA and Start-Up India missions. Since digital India and smart city concept are in full swing in India MobileComm is also working on Design Projects for 10 cities on Millimetre Wave 5G Designs of coverage and capacity.

What are the key factors driving these?
There are 2 key factors which are driving 5G development in India:
• Increase in demand of data services delivered over mobile networks
• Creation of support services for IOT which will include M2M applications.
With the help of 5G, users will be allowed to experience high speed data and low latency.
Higher demands of data volume are driven by consumers’ usage of video & cloud services.

Tell us about your services and solutions for wireless industry?
We are providing End to End Services to OEM’s and Operators which include Planning, Optimization of Networks with minimum Human Intervention using our Tools.
We also offer Trainings in all Domains like RAN, NPO, Core, IMS, PCRF and VOLTE to Clients in India as well as in Abroad.
We had now started a new Vertical in form of staffing which deals with Telecom and Nontelecom industry and it is getting good response from the Market.

What are your core competencies and key clienteles?
Our Core Competencies include RF Services, Training, Tool Development and Remote Delivery like Global Delivery Centre (GDC) or Centre of Excellence (GSC).
Our major clienteles include Nokia, Ericsson, Cisco, Huawei, Vodafone, ZTE, Airtel etc.

Tell us about your research and innovation work?

We have in-house team that works for Innovation of New Tools based on the research on New Technologies coming in the Telecom. One of the tools we have developed is mMaps which is a GIS based tool particularly designed for Telecom Market. McoreSolutions, a Mobilecomm venture also provides End to End solution in core domain using its tool ‘Telco 360’.

We collaborate with new groups working on innovative projects and we provide them End to End Solution for RF Optimization using in-house tool called MobileComm Optimization of Networks (MOON). It is based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at its Core.

What is your market growth in India and global presence?
Presently, we are focusing on Artificial Intelligence and machine Learning based Network Planning and Optimization, edge computing and traffic shaping, Network implementation and build, 5G Design and planning, small cells optimization, traffic forecasting and multi-vendor Core Solutions. Our year over year growth is around 50%.

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