5 Advantages of an Effective Visitor Management Software for Your Organization

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Rapid growth of globalization has led to attraction of a large number of visitors in the organizations on a daily basis. These visitors include suppliers, customers, potential new hires, sales representatives, guests, government officers, employees’ relatives and sometime completely unknown person. One of the critical challenges for any organization is efficient and thorough checking of every visitor entering the premises. For overall safety and enhanced security of an organization, it is essential to maintain records of all incoming and outgoing personnel. Companies have various kinds of visitors wherein few might be seldom while few will be regular or frequent. Furthermore, manual entry of visitor data only adds to the challenge, leading to an error-prone database. Hence, the manual entry of visitors must be replaced with an automated system. To overcome this challenge, an effective Visitor Management should be offered to address these concerns in a very professional and systematic way without compromising security, hospitality or productivity.

Fast and Error Free Visitor Check-in Process with a Professional Approach

The Visitor Management Software should automate the entire process of registering a visitor, printing a pass and capturing detailed information in a few seconds. It should offer options to create either an e-pass with access rights or a paper pass for a visitor. Security person should be able to create customized visitor pass with visitor name, photograph, organization name, contact details and escort name.

Record Visitor Valuables Digitally

Visitor Management should also maintain records of materials or valuables that the visitor is carrying along with his ID-proof for security purpose using barcode scanner.

Control Visitor Access in Sensitive Areas

Moreover, it should allow enrolling visitor’s biometric credential or RFID Card to provide the visitor with access to selected areas only, where he/she is scheduled to go. This prevents protection of valuable assets from snooping. And, an access route should be defined in software to ensure that the visitor should reach the host directly without wandering across the premises.

 Track Visitor Movement in Real-time

Security is expected to keep a track of all the visitors and equipment they carry, Visitor Management should offer a live dashboard, giving a quick overview of all the visitors in a graphical format. It should provide live data of visitors who are inside the premises, status of visitor passes, pre-registered visitors, new visitors, etc.

Maintain Visitor Database

Automated data recording of visitor’s data helps admin generate meaningful and informative reports. With an effective Visitor Management system, admin or security can generate various visitor reports such as visitor pass validity and status, visitor punch details, pre-registered visitors, blocked visitors, frequent visitors, expired passes, etc. These reports can be exported in various file formats for further use.


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