3D Filament Dry Box

3D-Filament-Dry-BoxThe most pressing problem with FDM 3D Printing is the moisture absorption by filaments leading to failed prints, nozzle clogging and overall bad 3D Printing experience. To solve this major issue, think3D has launched a filament dry box. Filament dry box removes moisture from the filaments and keep the filaments in very good condition.

Why the filament dry box is needed?

All the 3D printing filaments tend to absorb moisture, however some of them tend to absorb moisture faster than others depending on the material. For example : Nylon, PVA  are more hygroscopic. Filaments which have absorbed too much moisture can create multiple problem when printing.

  • Bad surface quality: The water that the filament contains will boil in the nozzle and create micro bubbles in the extruded filament, resulting very rough and uneven surfaces.
  • Weak mechanical properties: These same bubbles will also lower the adhesion between the layers and will significantly reduce the overall mechanical properties of the 3d printed model.
  • Printer jam: In some case, moisture absorption can inflates and makes the filament more flexible, these issues can cause the printers to jam.
  • Artifacts on the print: When absorbing moisture, filaments can get more sticky when extruded creating more oozing, inconsistent flaws and all different related issues.

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